Mainstreet Piqua Raises Funds for Planters and other downtown projects

The Mainstreet Piqua Beautification Committee is responsible for filling the 50 large planters scattered throughout downtown Piqua with flowers and greenery and keeping them beautiful all summer long. To achieve this goal, the committee has forged an exciting new partnership with the Landscape Management program at the Upper Valley Career Center and the downtown planters will be filled with flowers grown by the students at the UVCC.

The committee worked with the students, and their instructor John Kreitzer, to grow plants that will not only cope with the harsh downtown growing climate but will also look great all summer long.  The goal is to have the planters planted in mid-May and looking beautiful through the end of September.  Prior to the plants being planted each planter will be topped off with brand new soil to help the plants get a good start to the summer growing season. The beautification committee is also investigating ways to cut down on the amount of trash that makes its way into the planters in the fall and winter months.

The Mainstreet beautification committee will also be leading the charge to clean and restore the Don Gentile bronze statue located on the East side of Main Street. The committee is chaired by Ruth A. Koon. “Maintaining our monuments and statues to our local heroes is such an important part of respectfully honoring their incredible accomplishments.” Says Koon. The statue restoration will be done by sculptor Mike Major.

In 2018 the beautification committee was responsible for the new mural on the public square and since it has been so incredibly well received by the Piqua community the committee is working on a comprehensive mural program that will result in world class artwork throughout the Piqua community.

The Mainstreet Piqua Beautification Committee includes Ruth Koon, Chair, Jean Franz, Rita Enderle, Marsha Koon, Elaine Sullenberger, Ruth Cameron, Ann DeBrosse Comer and Kathy Kiefer.

Those wishing to contribute to the planter program, or the other beautification projects, may send a check made payable to Friends of Mainstreet Piqua. The mailing address is PO Box 1703, Piqua, OH  45356.  All contributions to the summer beautification program are tax deductible at Friends of Mainstreet Piqua is a 501(c)3 organization. For more information about the planter program, or Mainstreet Piqua, please call 773-9355.

Lorna Swisher