Downtown Piqua beautification efforts receive extraordinary support.

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Thanks to extraordinary support from the Piqua community, the Mainstreet Piqua beautification committee has had a busy year so far. Each spring the committee seeks donations for the beautification of downtown Piqua and this year the support was overwhelming, allowing the committee to take on additional needed projects in downtown.

Each year the beautification committee takes on the responsibility of selecting and purchasing the flowers and greenery for the large metal and concrete flower pots on the sidewalks throughout downtown Piqua. This year the flowers were purchased from the landscape management program at the Upper Valley Career Center. The plants were started by the students in the program but because of the shut down caused by the pandemic, they were raised singlehandedly by John Kreitzer, the landscape management instructor. The planters were planted by the beautification committee members along with logistical support from the Career Center and the city workers. The plants are watered daily by City of Piqua staff and checked frequently by committee members and the Career Center’s John Kreitzer.

Because of the extraordinary support received from the community, another project taken on by the beautification committee this year was additional plantings around the downtown’s gazebo. The structure is a focal point in the Piqua community. This year a number of older plants were removed from the area and additional large and small boxwoods were placed around the stairs and four brand new planters, with flowers, were added to enhance the area. The planting was done by local landscaper Blair Elliot. The gazebo improvements are the first stage of a plan to enhance the green space that was put together by beautification committee member Ann Comer, a registered landscape architect.

The Mainstreet Piqua beautification committee is chaired by Ruth A. Koon and committee members include Ann Comer, Kathy Kiefer, Rita Enderle, Marsha Koon, Elaine Sullenbarger, Judy Quinter and Beth Kazer. Future plans for the committee include the addition of another mural in downtown Piqua and the addition of both fall and winter beautification projects in downtown Piqua.  The beautification committee appreciates the commitment of the Upper Valley Career Center’s John Kreitzer and the City of Piqua for watering the planters.  A huge thanks also goes to the over 150 individuals and businesses who donated to the Mainstreet Piqua beautification program.

Lorna Swisher