Miami County Playing Cards coming soon

Mainstreet Piqua Playing Card Sponsor Form

Mainstreet Piqua is collaborating with local photographer Mike Ullery to create a deck of playing cards that features photographs taken throughout Miami County. The deck will feature 54 different Miami County images.

“We are so excited to work with Mike on this exciting project.” says Mainstreet Piqua Executive Director, Lorna Swisher. “We have all enjoyed Mike’s photographs in the newspaper and in local publications but this will be a chance to bring all corners of Miami County into one common deck of playing cards.” says Swisher. The decks of cards will be a fun keepsake for those who live locally or could be an excellent gift for those who have moved away from Miami County.

The playing card project offers a unique opportunity for the community to get involved with the project. Each one of the cards may be sponsored by anyone who is interested, from individuals to businesses of all sizes. The sponsorships vary in price from $75 to $200 per card. Those wanting to sponsor a card may select from 85 different images provided by Ullery. The photographs range from the Miami County Courthouse to parks, schools, downtowns and area bikeways and natural areas. The sponsorship form can be downloaded here Mainstreet Piqua Playing Card Sponsor Form.

For more information about the Piqua Playing Cards please call Mainstreet Piqua at 937-773-9355 or click on the Playing Card Image link on the home page to view the images available for sponsorship.

Lorna Swisher